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Malaga can be regarded among the oldest cities in the world, which history spans about 2,800 years which makes this city an archaeological pearl. Tourists love this beautiful city of its old historic center surrounded by mountains and rivers. Lots of interesting awaits you in Malaga, starting from Picasso Museum where you can sight the walls of the Phoenician city, which is the oldest sightseeing in the city. Car rental Malaga gives you an opportunity to visit all famous attractions and save strength for further explorations. Three big events are held in Malaga - the August Málaga Fair – festival of the taking of the city, the Holy Week celebration – observed for some centuries and the Málaga Film Festival. All these festivals are worldwide known and attract tourists from all over the world. Malaga is a birthplace of Pablo Picasso so tourists every year visit the Museo Picasso Málaga, but all those who are interested in sunbathing, relaxation and swimming goes to famous Malaga’s beaches. For faster attraction reach use services of car rental Malaga. Car allows you to reach destination safer and faster, therefore you have more time to explore mysteries and greatness of Malaga. Car rental Malaga offers you great deals all around the Malaga, so don’t hesitate to choose car that fits you perfectly.

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